Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DIY Faux Mirror Wall Art Videos

Hello Everyone! Here's another DIY DOLLAR TREE mirror wall art #8. Using silver plastic trays from the DOLLAR TREE that looks like mirrors can make a beautiful wall decor or wall art. It has a strong mirror effect. This is a great project to make a mosaic without having to break mirrors.

Materials Used:
6 - Round Silver Plastic Serving Trays, 16 in. - Dollar Tree
3 - foam boards - Dollar tree
black crepe party streamer - Dollar Tree
mod podge
pen or paint pen to make a design
large command strips
You can use E6000 and glue giant craft sticks and glue again with glue gun to the back; then put the command strips on.

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Hello Loves, welcome to my channel. This DIY is showing you step by step how make a faux mirror wall décor out of plates that I purchased for the Dollar Tree. I’m aware the silver plastic plates are in high demand but hard to find. However, Dollar Tree is putting their Christmas items out.

I’ve already seen the silver plastic bowls so let’s keep our fingers crossed, lol.

If they don’t restock the plates be creative. Google “square plastic plates” or “square mini plates” or “Square mini dessert plates, You can also purchase clear square plates and spray paint the back of the plates with your favorite color and then when you turn the plate around and it shows through beautifully. Get be creative.

With any DIY projects you see on YouTube you have to make it your “Own Kind of Beautiful”
I didn’t come up with this idea on my own. I would like to give a shot out to the talented “LGQUEEN Home Décor.” I hope you enjoy this video, I love you and thanks for the support. If you are new to my channel, HI and WELCOME. I would love it if you subscribed and join all the fun we have here on my channel.
For my Loves who have been here, thank you for supporting me. You are so appreciated

Here is the supply list to complete this project. Dollar Tree Items: Black Foam Board Large Clear Jewels Silver Plastic Plates Safety Glass Picture Hanging Hardware Other items used: Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun Hot Glue Sticks Fabric Glue