Saturday, November 24, 2012

Teen Room Decoration Video Tips

Parents, having teens, are to be creative, to make their children's space attractive and cozy. All teens want to look and feel themselves independent. While decorating your teens' rooms, permit them to take part in the process, for instance, to choose the colors of their space they would be proud of. The teenagers' world is usually so far from ours, but their decorating ideas might turn out to be great.

Here are some videos of decoration solutions for your teens:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flower Decoration in Interior Design

Any space - an apartment, a concert hall, an office or a restaurant will be look cozy and beautiful if it is decorated with plants and flowers. 
People spend at work for most of his life. Floral design has a profound effect on mood and well-being.  In ancient Egypt dominated citrus composition, in Rome - laurel, China enjoyed decorating the rooms with azalea, India - with orchids. Any company greeting visitors with flowers and smiles gains much trust and respect. Flowers have a positive impact, but however, remember that each color makes people different reactions and feelings. The red color is associated with wealth and luxury. Orange is the color of vitality and joy. Yellow is a warm color. It gives the impression of sunny warmth in the room. Green is reassuring,  it is associated with hopes for the future and can be considered the color of optimism. So  plants are always welcome in our office.

Here are a few flower decor arrangement video tutorials:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Minimalistic Bed from German Designers

The designers from German Vitamin Design  developed an unusual minimalistic bed, named Somnia Bed.

It is very simple and very functional, with
a small grassy shelf/lawn. There is also a place for books, a box for some necessary items you may need when you are in bed.
The solution permits you  not t
o restrict the location of the bed,as it can be put anywhere in the room space and become one of the main elements of the bedroom.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Keg

Hello, everybody, here's a video tutorial for making a halloween pumpkin keg:

Kitchen Decorating

Many women spend the most time in the kitchen and, of course, they want this territory to be always pleasing to the eye, so let's speak about kitchen decoration. And of course aesthetic pleasure should be combined with functionality.

And here we go: dishes. What trends prevail now in kitchen decorating? A popular style of high-tech is losing its ground and is being replaced by the retro style coming back to us. This involves creating a warm atmosphere in the kitchen - hanging utensils, dried vegetables, spices, - all those details will fill the kitchen with an unforgettable sense of community as a family. However do not overdo this in your kitchens, because modern kitchen appliances and furniture of modern high-quality materials are still needed.

Kitchen has long been considered the most suitable place for breeding of flowers and greenery. Therefore, decorating the kitchen should not be ashamed in the selection. On the windowsill seedling onions, parsley, dill  will look great and, in addition, this is useful to you in your green economy, so you combine efficiency with pleasure. For kitchen decoration try to have flowers on the walls in hanging pots or in areas not directly related to the process of cooking.

Friday, October 12, 2012

House Interior Design

 It is a difficult task to make an original design of the house even for the very experienced and professional designers, as each element of the home is to reflect the style and personality of its owners. It is therefore very important to learn the life and the character of the customer, study complete information about its preferences, and then start working on the project design . Competently performed home design will make your life more bright and comfortable, as every detail and every little thing will reflect your own vision of the world, which will create the most attractive conditions for life.

So, from the very start, you have to decide what type of style is most suitable for you. You can take  a modern or classical solution, and the other elements chosen in accordance with it. The next stage is the planning and placement of walls, furniture, electricity, etc. with all the rugulations of ergonomics. Zoning, involving design of the house, includes the definition of the functions of each of the premises.
You premeditated the purchase of each item and thus saved time and money. Remember that the desired results will be obtained only when accompanied by all the copyright of the designer, as well as his advice to the builders and reference checking furniture and materials selected for compliance. Quality design of the house is directly dependent on howcorrectly will all the stages of your project be organized .

Nowadays, the modern solutions of home improvement are created by means of innovative technologies in the area of ​​technical equipment and materials in the decor. When using them you can create a perfect masterpiece.

Majority of people mistakenly believe that the design of the house fully involves interior design, but this is misleading. Location plan for loggias or balconies, additional inputs and doors are an integral part of the design exterior, which applies to all works that are carried out within the overall arrangement of the home. In addition, the design of the house is technically much more difficult than the design of the apartment, which is often pre-implemented or developed. In this case, the interior design will be based on existing utilities, which greatly facilitates the work of a specialist. Technical design of a house is quite time-consuming, but here you have a much greater freedom in the choice of interior parts.

Remember, no matter how hard the construction work for your future home is, in the end, you get a cozy and comfortable haven from all the cares of the world!
Modern elegant Polish interior home design styles

House Interior Design, Singapore

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Furniture Decoupage Decorative Technique

Many homes have unwanted items of furniture: dressers, cabinets, doors, or tables. Over time, things lose their luster and become dilapidated, boring and ugly. Specifically in order to refresh the usual things there is such a technique, as furniture decoupage .

 Decoupage (Fr. decouper - cut) is a decorative technique on cloth, crockery, furniture and other surfaces, which consists in meticulous carving images of different materials (wood, leather, textiles, paper, etc.), which are then glued or otherwise attached on various surfaces for decoration.

 If you use family photos instead of decoupage cards, such countertops will regularly delight you with a pleasant family memories. You will need PVC glue, decorative cloths, brushes, paint, water-based acrylic paint, a knife, scissors, a ruler, a red permanent marker.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Golden Interiors

Gold accessories, gold detail, golden walls - all this makes the interior a stylish, if set accents competently. 
 Gold has always been associated with luxury and nobility. For some, the interior design with gold color may sound pretentious, but today gold shades are in perfect harmony with any interior design - especially in an eclectic style. "Golden Interior" is characterized by the gilding not everywhere, but in the details. Everyone knows that the gold - it's a time-tested value, and true luxury is reflected in the sense of measure, restraint and refined taste.
 Examples of the "golden" interiors:

Easy Christmas Decoration With your Own Hands

Christmas decoration for modern, dynamic interior and its inhabitants, full of desire to make the decoration with their own hands. The more so because it is an incredibly elementary and simple. Take a piece of galvanized wire of small thickness, shape the future tree. 
Stringbraid, ribbon or lace on the wire, do not forget to fold the ends of the wire.

DIY Hemp Rope Frame For Mirrors

If you arrange the interior in maritime or industrial style, you'll find helpful for sure a master-class on making frames for mirrors made of hemp rope. You'll require a mirror, large pieces of hemp rope, a cardboard donut shape mirror, a string, a glue gun.

Glue a piece of pre-cut ropeat the inner edge of the cardboard rim.
The second piece is pasted on the outer edge + make a loop at the top of the frame. 
Stick the third piece  to the space between the two. Hide the connection with a thin twine. Glue finished frame to the mirror with a glue gun.