Friday, September 7, 2018

Brandolini Makes A Bold Choice Mixing Pattern And Color

The den
Architecture + Design
Designer Muriel Brandolini gives a classic New York apartment a colorfully modern makeover
Birds of a feather,” as the saying goes, “flock together.” But when opposites attract, the relationship can be downright electrifying. AD100 interior designer Muriel Brandolini—an ardent enthusiast of arresting colors and madcap patterns—couldn’t be more different in temperament from one of her longtime New York clients, a cerebral, business-minded woman who initially discovered Brandolini’s work in a magazine and picked up the telephone. “I’m a very analytical, linear thinker,” says the client, who asked the Manhattan-based decorator to revitalize an Upper West Side apartment she and her husband had bought a few years ago. “Muriel leads with passion and feeling. I wanted to ask questions, and she would just say, ‘It’s beautiful. I can’t tell you why it will work, but it will.’ ”
It’s beautiful. I can’t tell you why it will work, but it will.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Where Italian Design Meets Australian Spirit


White Chee Bar Stool

Black Chee Bar Stool

Blue Chee Chair

White Jeanette Chair

Salmon Jeanette Chair

Green Jeanette Chair

Introducing yourself to a new crowd tends to be awkward at times, particularly in the world of design, but Australian furniture brand SP01 has made it look easy with the launch of its minimal, hand-finished furniture that combines the best of Australian design with the tried-and-true quality of Italian craftsmanship.
Despite its relatively young years - originally founded in 2016 - SP01 Design is a fresh and contemporary influence in modern design thanks to its understated furniture that is at home in a beachside terrace as much as in a London townhouse. By focussing on rigorous design and honest materials, SPO1 Design’s furniture evokes an air of assured Scandinavian minimalism like a lot of contemporary furniture brands out there, but unlike the others, its collections can work anywhere in the house. Quite literally. source