Monday, December 28, 2015

How To Choose and Hang Curtains

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With the right tools and some planning, you can hang new curtains to freshen up your home's decor.

Tools & Materials


  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Level (at least 2 feet long)
  • Power Drill
  • Safety Glasses
  • Screwdriver
  • Stud Finder
  • Tape Measure


  • Curtains
  • Curtain Hardware
  • Curtain Rod
  • Drywall Anchors

Product costs, availability and item numbers may vary online or by market.

2016 Interior Design Ideas on a Budget

Interior design can be a hobby or a necessity depending on the space you are given to work with. The best part is that even if you're working with virtually nothing you can spice up your surroundings without breaking the bank. Nothing feels better than lounging in a room that has been freshened up with personal touches. Small changes can make the biggest difference so always be on the lookout for minor modifications that suit your budget!
Ever Versatile Molding
Molding can be bought on the cheap and can be used for an amazing variety of purposes. They can add vertical dimension to a room or make it look wider depending on the usage and colors. Molding can always be painted and bought with a variety of bevels and designs lending to the versatility of the material. It can even be used to clean up the edges of old furniture or add depth to a flat panel door.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Elegant Fabric Topped Side Tables

More beautiful work by DeDe from Designed Decor. She gave these damaged leather topped tables a makeover with a coat of Elegance with some fun fabric detailing!

Have you ever been at a thrift store and run across the old leather top tables and wonder what would I do with that? How would I paint over the leather?
Elegant Fabric Side Tables #DIY #furniturepainting -
These table tops were is pretty bad shape and had a lot of cracking and small chunks of leather missing from the top. I have used Country Chic paint over the leather top in the past, but I felt these needed more.
Elegant Fabric Side Tables #DIY #furniturepainting -
I started by priming these tables with an oil based spray adhesive from Zinsser. These tables are made of Mahogany and they tend to bleed, so it’s easier to prep and be prepared than having to paint over again. I applied my new favorite color, Elegance. This color is stunning! I measured and cut fabric slightly larger than the table top in sets. I applied Wunda Size as my adhesive, trimmed the fabric to fit perfectly and sealed with Mod Podge.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Amazing kid’s room decoration – Themes and color scheme ideas

Decorating a kid’s room is most joyful and amazing action. The parent think always how to create a dream room for their kids? They want to make it as perfect as they could. There are many themes and colors’ inspiration when decorating a kid’s room by searching online or asking specialist. Be sure to involve your child thought and decision.
The first step set your budget and balance between what you want and what you already have. Next you should choose the colors and the theme which reflect your kid personality and match them with home colors. The common for kid’s room is the bright colors, energetic decor. The fantasy theme and the sportive themes are also common for kid’s room you can choose between variety of cartoon, car, usual sport, princess themes but that is up to your kid character and gender.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Proper Color Combinations in the Interior



Unusual Christmas Decor Ideas

It is amazing how many decorating ideas are out there.  It’s not all baubles and candy canes now. You can choose to make your own tree out of anything you have at hand and

Upside Down Tree

Upside down Christmas tree
This Christmas trend has been around for a while and longer than you might think. People used to hang their trees upside down to show their religious devotion. Today, if you’re just looking to impress your family and friends you could definitely try hanging it just for the decorative purposes. Fixing the tree is the hardest part and requires drilling holes in the ceiling for bolts and hooks. If you have a problem with that though you can buy a heavy duty adhesive hook to make sure your tree stays put.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Interior Doors – Trends and Choices

The interior design of a room is no longer restricted to the wall colour, accents and furniture – today you can make a real impact by installing beautiful interior doors in your home.
“Like trim or mouldings, most doors go fairly unnoticed, but if chosen correctly, they can have a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of a room or interior space.”
A beautiful door is one of those subtle necessities that can make a big difference in your home’s style, says Charl Jacobz from Swartland Wooden Windows and Doors. “Like trim or mouldings, most doors go fairly unnoticed, but if chosen correctly, they can have a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of a room or interior space.”
He says that an interior door is a vital part of any indoor space and that great care must be shown when making your selection.
If you are building, renovating or just looking to upgrade the look of an interior space, picking new interior doors is an important step, he says. He explains that style, the type of door, materials, energy efficiency and door hardware are just a few of the things that need to be carefully considered before a choice can be made.
Charl provides the following pointers to make your selection of interior doors a little easier:
When it comes to choosing your interior doors, it is important to choose a style that will complement the overall architectural and décor of your home.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Newspaper Walls

If you want to escape from the ordinary and get an interesting result in a room decoration without having to recruit highly decorative accessories, a new trend that makes more and more appearances are lined walls with newspapers.
 These walls makes you fooling them around. Moreover, this idea has ecological interest as it is an alternative way to recycle old newspapers. You can apply the concept to a concrete wall, or an entire room. Because the background created quite “busy”, the rest decoration is good to be simple and selective, with little furniture and focus on selected colors. The newspapers which will be used can be random scraps, or even better to tell a story, or to revolve around a topic that interests you: fateful dates, interesting discoveries, roundtrips. Ready to discover how a simple idea can literally transform the style of a room?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How To Make a Vinyl Record Bowl

This  video gives you a short lesson in creating a bowl from a vinyl record. It's quick, easy and fun.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Decorating a Budget Cowboy Room

decorating a budget cowboy room
Little boy’s room can be very difficult to decorate especially while on a tight budget. This Cowboy Themed Room Boys Room from DIY Wedding Planner is filled with ideas for decorations to make up a fantastic room for every budget.
cowboy room light
It is always a great idea to go to vintage (or even secondhand) stores to buy great, affordable finds.
cowboy room name

Budget Decorating Ideas for your Interior

Are you looking for nice home decorations, but do not have the resources to buy all those modern-day expensive decors? Well, the solution to creating a nice home decor is to use cheap decorating ideas as well as DIY decorating ideas that you can easily make to revamp the look in your home. Here are some of the economical decorating ideas that you can follow for a new look in your favorite areas in the house:
Using indigenous resources is a great way to save money for your home decorations. For instance, this lovely bathroom decor is made from small tree branches with pretty buds installed in cheap glass vases with sugar. In this unique home decor, you only need to spend a little for the sugar as well as the cute vases. Aside from being cheap, it is also very easy to do.
Cheap Bathroom decor
If you are fond of lights and creating a warm ambiance in your living room at night, this is one of the alternative decorating ideas that you can do. Get empty bottles in varying sizes and place tea light candles inside them. To create unique light vases, wrap some patterned laces in various designs for that cheap candle holder decor.
Candles in  decorated jam jars
candles in a jars diy
Another cheap candle holder decor is this tall vases with some indigenous stones in it. Put some stones in black and white and arrange them in patterns or in an alternate fashion or you can also place them in random for that abstract look. Finally, place tea light candles or slim candles to light up the room at night. This home decoration is very pretty when placed in a a table top in your bedroom or living room.
Cheap home decor

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Remarkable DIY Fall Leaf Bowls For Your Interior

diy fall leaves bowl Remarkable DIY Fall Leaf Bowls For Your Interior others

Leaves are a hot trend for any autmn, and you can use them for DIY decor. Below are guidelines for your quite personal autumn leaf bowl, best for holding your favorite scented potpourri or tasty Halloween treats.

Slotted Gabion Shelving

The gabion book case creates individual slots for the books, creating a isolating wall, as well as a graphic effect. Some social seating and a dash of yellow brighten moods.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Baroque Interior Design

Baroque style appeared  in Italy in the XVII-th century at the time when the power of the country was fading, and the nobility and the clergy preferred to create at least the illusion of wealth. And so the main feature of this style was a demonstration of luxury, opulence, grandeur and even pretentiousness. Many countries adopted it from Italy and transformed in their own way. For example, in Spain, this style was called "Churrigueresque" - by the name of the local architect Churriguera. In France, the Baroque was transformed into the rococo, and in Latin America, the style has absorbed local traditions and became "ultrabarokko."

Sunday, December 6, 2015

How to Bleach Pine Cones

Pine cones are a fun accent for wreaths and floral arrangements, and they also look beautiful displayed on their own on a mantel or coffee table. While they are usually associated with fall or winter, pine cones can enhance your home all year long, especially when they are bleached. Bleaching gives the pine cones an aged, whitewashed patina that is works for both modern and rustic décor schemes.

Bleached pine cones can be displayed throughout the year.
(Jonathan Fong)

Gather Materials
  • Pine cones
  • Liquid bleach, gallon size
  • Plastic bucket
  • Rubber gloves
  • Ceramic or glass plate
  • Brick
  • Newspapers

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Interior Design Tips

All your careful interior-design choices are going to be unnoted if the area you produce is not any longer practical. problems like traffic flow, maintenance and your personal comfort, moreover because the room’s supposed purpose, have to be compelled to be taken into thought before any style choices square measure created for the foremost satisfying results.
A simple trick utilized by interior-design specialists is to put in flooring that features a reflective surface. this may create any rooms seem larger than they very square measure. the sunshine that's obtainable can replicate off of the flooring and illuminate the area creating them seem larger and a lot of hospitable.
A helpful Interior Design Tips to stay in mind is to forever stay hospitable the numerous uses of wallpaper. By exploring the many choices in trendy wallpaper style, you may have a large number of style opportunities at your fingertips, starting from high-impact accent walls to fascinating powder rooms harking back to store hotels.


DenizHome Living Room Interior Design TipsInterior Design

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Interior Designer Excellent Bathroom With White Wall Paint Color And Brown Wooden Panels Also Round Shape

Interior Designer Excellent Bathroom With White Wall Paint Color And Brown Wooden Panels Also Round Shape Whirlpool Barriers Tufted Bench Ceramics Floor Double Vanity Kitchen Sink Handle Faucets Large Mirror Clear Down Lights Drum Pendant Lamps Kitchen Interior Design in 24 ideas of Amazing Interior Design Tips Ideas in addition to Interior matter.
In here we, JGuesthome, are gonna show you one of 24 amazing ideas Amazing Interior Design Tips Ideas which hopefully can provide you a excellent idea to improve your interior space. Together with others 23, one of our staff Joanne featured a lovely image of interior home design plus interior design tips of the trade ideas, Interior Designer Excellent Bathroom With White Wall Paint Color And Brown Wooden Panels Also Round Shape Whirlpool Barriers Tufted Bench Ceramics Floor Double Vanity Kitchen Sink Handle Faucets Large Mirror Clear Down Lights Drum Pendant Lamps Kitchen Interior Design.
Interior. Interior Designer Excellent Bathroom With White Wall Paint Color And Brown Wooden Panels Also Round Shape Whirlpool Barriers Tufted Bench Ceramics Floor Double Vanity Kitchen Sink Handle Faucets Large Mirror Clear Down Lights Drum Pendant Lamps Kitchen Interior Design. Amazing Interior Design Tips Ideas

South African Style

 Irwin Weiner - In a recent trip back to my hometown of Cape Town, South Africa, I stopped in at 109 Hatfield Street near the National Gallery to visit Okha Design & Interiors. Okha exemplifies the fresh, contemporary, bold, handcrafted African design look that naturally goes with beach-scene homes and lots of sunshine. The bold sun - South Africa boasts the largest hole in the ozone layer, so it's a hot place in many ways - brings out the need for strong, elemental art, sculpture, and clean furnishings that are bold and comfortable. Cape Town has a resort feel that Okha's designs pick up on.
As the planet celebrates the World Cup in South Africa, we wanted to celebrate Okha and all South African design. If you want to take a page from this interior design style for your home, here are a few suggestions:
  • Add hand-crafted art and sculpture
  • Look for furnishings with strong lines and architectural details,
  • Make your living spaces clean and uncluttered
Here are some views of Okha's furniture and designed spaces in South Africa. Note the contemporary beach style of many of these homes.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Contemporary Interior Design And Style Concepts

Modern day interior design and style and decor in eco style is a way to bring the outdoors inside your property. Massive windows and strategically placed wall mirrors fill your property interiors with all-natural light and let to appreciate your lovely garden or yard with mature trees or an outdoor pool, stretching your living spaces by employing wise winder decorating concepts and creating gorgeous, spacious and modern interior design. Here is a guest post by Thomas Jones that shows handful of fashionable approaches to bring the nature inside a house.
With winter just around the corner, it might not be feasible to enjoy an outdoor atmosphere for considerably longer.  Poor weather conditions from sleet, snow and other climate modifications can prevent outside activities. Whilst it may possibly not be attainable to commit considerably time outside, it is an exceptional opportunity to make decorative alterations to interior style and decor.

Bringing the outdoor inside a home by installing big windows or removing window curtains and blending interior design and style and decor with stunning surroundings, – gorgeous views of the sea, mountains, rivers, lakes, forest, desert or yards with mature trees and outside pools, – creates an atmosphere that is reminiscent of spending time outside without having getting cold in the winter weather.

water features for backyard designs
Gorgeous vie of the sea and outside pool, enriching modern interior design and style and providing the beach theme inspiration for winter residence decorating

Pick an outside theme for winter decorating

Creating an interior design and decor that bring the outdoors into the home interiors often starts with the theme. Although several outside spaces are filled with plant life, an interior design and style can also focus on outdoor beach themes or a desert space to offer assortment and interest to property decor.

Choosing the ideal outdoor theme for winter decorating will make it simpler to find the proper plant-life or elements to bring into a residence. A river-front or beach theme will naturally differ from a forest decorating theme. The best inspiration for an interior decorating theme is primarily based on the all-natural globe about the property. For example, bringing in a forest decorating theme when woodlands or parks are near the home will aid capture the atmosphere that is found in the regional region and designed harmonious, stunning and contemporary interior design and style and decor.

Outside spaces are variable primarily based on location and preferred appears. The beach, a river or lake front place, a forest, a desert and a jungle can all serve as the inspiration to capture the outdoors. Ideally, contemporary interior style components ought to really feel comfy, natural and act as a reminder of enjoyable adventures outside the house.

modern interior design and decor, rocks and candles
Inspired by a desert modern day interior decorating accessories, rocks and candles from Ralph Lauren collection

Bring in plant-life

Indoor plants are a natural and simple way to decorate with outside themes in mind. A option of the best indoor plants for winter interior design and decor depends on several aspects, such as whether the preferred decorating theme, primarily based on a forest, a desert or a tropical climate.

Bringing in a bamboo tree, a tiny bush, potted flowers or even desert cacti will add a all-natural feel to modern interior design and style and decor. An interior style that brings the outdoors inside a house will naturally incorporate some indoor plants as portion of the feature styles. Based on the preferred look, the best indoor plants for winter decorating will vary.

Interior Design Story Featuring Wallter Outdoor Decor, Handmade Coaster, Dinnerware And Mediterranean Dish From July 2015

Home Decor With Outdoor Flower Planter, Dot & Bo Bar Tools, Mediterranean Dish And Dinnerware
Outdoor Wall Planter By Wallter, Dot & Bo Mediterranean Tile Coasters - Set Of 4, Mediterranean Tile Dinnerware, Aegean White Scupted Charger Plate - Aegean Dinnerware - L'objet - Dinnerware - Tisfortable, Aerial View Of Mykonos Town, Mykonos, Greece Photographic Wall Art Print, Colourful House In Santorini, Cyclades, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe Photographic Wall Art Print.

Classic Chair Styles

You can never go wrong when you stick to the classics!  Classics never go out of style (though they do certainly trend).  Here are a few of my favorite chair styles:

These bentwood chairs have been freshened with sweet pastel paint...


... or you might opt for the classic finish of an original Thonet, Chair No: 14
 The Louis XV Bergere is shown here in a very formal fabric....

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Middle Eastern Interior Design Trends and Home Decorating Ideas

The Middle East, Central Asian countries and India are associated with fine architecture and colorful home decorating ideas, inspired by beautiful flowers and spices. Cinnamon, sandalwood, cloves and cardamom, fantastic buildings, the blend of a few religions, – Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, when the spiritual side of life prevails over the material, colorful religious rituals and clothes influenced Middle Eastern, Indian and Central Asian home decorating.
Middle Eastern trends in home decorating mic rich room colors with luxurious home furnishings, spiced up with handmade items and traditional decoration patterns. Middle Eastern interior design is associated with wealth and luxurious comfort, reflecting the richness of culture, the depth of wisdom and mystery of ancient times.
Amazing architectural designs and decorative details, combined with spectacular home decor ideas create modern interior design trends inspired by Middle Eastern, Indian and Central Asian interior decorating with bright colors, natural fabrics and amazing ornaments and wood carving.

Middle Eastern interior design trends for home decorating

middle eatern interiors and room colors, ethnic interior design ideas
Decorative pillows in various shapes and sizes for Ethnic interior decorating
Middle Eastern interior design is about a mic of luxury, refinement, style and exquisite taste with asceticism, modesty and simplicity of lines and forms. Modern interior design trends, inspired by Middle Eastern and Central Asian decorating ideas, bring fabulous metal forging, intricate decoration patterns, sensual decorative fabrics, spectacular handmade carpets into homes.Silver and golden colors are combined with velvet and chiffon, creating beautiful and modern home interiors. Natural textures in room furniture and decor accessories add luxury and pleasant feel to modern home decorating.
middle eastern interiors and room colors, ethnic interior design ideas

Kitsch style in interior design


Kitsch style in interior design

Kitsch in the interior represents brightness, courage, open mockery of traditions and tastes and of course extravagance in all its manifestations. Kitsch exaggerates and defies all other styles. Maximalists and bright personalities and those who do not care about the opinions of others and those who love to splurge and stand out from the gray mass choose this style.
The line between kitsch and bad taste is very thin, so if you have dared to choose such a bold style in the interior leave its implementation to real professionals. Inexperienced designers and beginners can very easily convert kitsch into a rough vulgarity.
kitsch in interior

Basis of the style

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Creative Ideas for Empty Perfume Bottles

 image source
After throwing away several perfume bottles I decided to come up with some ways that I could utilize them around my own home. As we all know, some perfume bottles can be plain to very orate. No matter how plain or fancy they are there can be another purpose found for them.
Here are some of my ideas:
Perfume bottles that have a small amount of fragrance left in them make great reed diffusers. Begin by removing the cap of the perfume bottle. Insert your reed diffusers, turning them over once to expose the perfume moistened reed to the air. The perfume will continue to wick up the diffuser reeds, scenting your room for several months. Turn diffuser reeds periodically to refresh scent.
Another use for perfume bottles with a small amount left in them is to once again remove the cap. Tie a fancy ribbon around the neck of the bottle and hang in your closet. Caution needs to be taken that the open bottle cannot be tipped and thus avoiding any spillage on your clothes. Keep in mind which fragrance you use as some perfumes are more powerful than others.

Mixed Media Art Canvas - Steampunk Dragonflies

A timelapse video showing the creation of a canvas using mixed media art materials including polymer clay, moulds by After midnight, Acrylics, & Steampunk Clock parts

Fall DIY home decorating ideas

 If you must make the fall decorating, we offer easy DIY home ideas for making beautiful autumn decorations for interior and garden.
Fall DIY home decorating ideas
This is an easy DIY idea and cheap house. The decorative tassels can be made not only in crepe paper, but also from a material, typical for late summer. It is dry maize leaves. They have a light color and a lovely texture and perfect for any fall decoration.